I want to thank the Houston Chronicle and Lana Berkowitz for the wonderful write-up about BikerFox. Texas rocks!
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    This life is not about me, its about you. The impact you will have on our society and mankind can change the world. Absolutely no one is going to help you. So learn to take on all goals on your own. It is so easy in life to be a pessimistic person. It is much harder to be an optimistic beacon than being a negative person. I know you have the power. In the beginning when you are a young person, your imagination soars with the stars. Now is the time to take advantage of your dreams. Follow thru on your aspirations. Your peers will tell you that you are just plain crazy and that your ideas will never work. Prove them wrong and follow thru with your inner most desires. Never grow old, be a kid your whole life. Happiness can only be accomplished simply by having love in your soul. So don't be a troll, follow thru on your goal.